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For CLAMP Canon-obsessed fans!

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Welcome to CLAMP Canon!

This is the place for insanely canon obsessed people.
Here you can search for information over canon in CLAMP stories and offer information about it.


- We can have the following types of entries: 'Information', 'Questions', 'Speculations'.

- Subjects must include 'Type of entry', 'CLAMP manga involved', 'Title of the post'.
Question: CLAMP Gakuen Tantei Dan - Is Nagisa Suo's girlfriend?
Information: X - List of mentioned Kekkai in Tokyo.
Speculation: X - Hypothetical Timeline.

- Long entries need an lj-cut.

- Canon in CLAMP stories is often hazy. CLAMP like to surprise us. Haven't we just find out Fay's name isn't Fay? And that he told lot of lies?
To make sure to report canon correctly and not to fall in a 'CLAMP's trap', in fan-canon or in a personal interpretation of the story report the fact 'as it is' (yes, sometimes it might be really hard to do so). If the scene is unclear just say it. Also ALWAYS add your canon source.

- Canon in manga and canon in anime, movies, OAV and so on usually differ. Unless otherwise specified we're talking of canon in manga. Information about canon from other sources can be offered/requested/discussed but remember to mention the source.

- Do not mix up fancanon and canon. Point out ALWAYS your canon sources.

- Wikipedia won't be considered as a CLAMP canon source. The same goes for fan-made webs and fanfics.

- To point out a canon source include the name of the work you're using, the volume/episode you're referring at, the chapter in which it's included, which translation are you using and if it's official or fan-made (if it's fan-made it would be nice if you would point out who did it).
Page number is optional because page number might not match in all the versions...
Canon source: Tokyo Babylon Vol. 5 - Rebirth, Italian version, official translation (Planet Manga).
Canon source: CLAMP Interview - CLAMP no Kiseki 3, English version, fan-translation (translator's name).
Canon source: Tsubasa CARACTere GuiDE - Characters file, French version, fan-translation (translator's name).

- What CLAMP hints or seems logic or even obvious but isn't clearly stated (pairings, dates that aren't exactly mentioned in the manga, places whose name isn't mentioned and that aren't clearly recognisable, feelings, psychological disorders, future/past of the characters) falls under the 'Speculations' category. Please label it as such.

- Rumours can be reported as long as it's clearly stated in bold/capital letters that they are RUMOURS. Why? Because someone might find confirmations for them... or proof they're false.

- No rants. There's already clamp_rants for this.

- Be respectful. If someone messes up canon, point it out politely using canon references. If you've messed up, be happy to be corrected. If your speculation doesn't match with the one of another person just accept there can be different interpretations to facts.

- You can ask, offer information about historical and geographical background in CLAMP manga. However if you're searching for information about historical and geographical background you might consider trying your luck with little_details first.

- Questions about Japanese language are allowed but you might consider trying your luck with japanese first.

- Tag all your posts. It makes easier to track them down.

- The community's language is English.
Please do not post entries in other languages. Also, since people's mother tongue might not be English, be polite if someone do not know how to write it perfectly.

- Be polite. It costs little effort and makes everyone's life easier.

- And... most important of all...


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