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03 August 2015 @ 12:49 am
In the Gate 7 manga, what do they call the spell that Sakura and the others cast when they want to move the battle to another world? Dark Horse's translation is "envelopment". But what is the Japanese word? Kekkai?

Thank you in advance!

Ps:there is no tag for this series.
19 June 2010 @ 01:54 pm
Fay's name, is it Flourite or Fluorite?

Here in the scanlations, it uses 'Fluorite', which is also what wikipedia uses.

But everywhere else I check, the name is spelled 'Flourite'.

Did the scanlations just get it wrong?
30 August 2009 @ 03:12 pm
I may just be over thinking this one but I figured it's best to ask than to pass it up and miss out on some interesting fact or relevance to the story....

Is there any significance....?Collapse )

22 July 2009 @ 08:14 pm
Would somebody happen to know what the kanji are for Setsuka's(Seishirou's mother) name?
I was talking to Sute, and this came up, and I wanted another opinion. Here's the speculation/question: is Kamui's true wish to die?

Reasons for it:
1. There's a lovely little picture (pointed out to me by Sute--in book 18, ch. 7, pg. 19 of Mangafox's translation) in which Kamui is asked which is more beautiful, the flooded world of Kakyou's dreams or the world as it is, and he starts "the more beautiful one is..." followed by a picture of the flooded world.

Initially, if asked, I'd have said Kamui secretly cares about everyone despite his initial standoffish attitude (he saves the man who created Nataku from Fuuma after all, and he gets really upset over Daisuke’s death). It seems to me that Kamui only pretends he doesn’t care. But then, he himself almost killed Daisuke when they first met, and he didn't seem to have problems hating everyone when he first came to Tokyo. So maybe he's come to care more about people after being with the other Seals, or more likely, Kamui understands now that he's the one who has caused everyone to die (his mother died to keep him from harm, his aunt and his best friends' mother died to create a sword to protect him, Kotori died so that the Earth wouldn't, and Fuuma was forced to take a position as an Angel because of his choice). As Sute said, now that Kamui understands why all these tragedies occurred, he probably feels very guilty, or maybe even thinks that if he died, it would stop more people from suffering. Maybe that's why he doesn't fully wish to get Fuuma back... he believes Fuuma would be better off without him. And it sort of explains that picture of the flooded building... If Kamui's Wish 'is' to die, then he must realize that that would mean the world goes to the Angels and everything would be destroyed. What if... that flooded building is Kamui's thoughts on what will happen if he gets his Wish?

Poor Kamui is caught between a rock and a hard place! His life has caused nothing but suffering for the ones he loves, but if he dies, he'll cause the entire world to suffer.

2. Directly before the final battle (Bk. 19, ch. 5, pg. 17, mangafox) Karen tells Kamui "If we really wish to stop the killing of other people, why do we lose sight of what's most important?" Toward the end of book 18 (viz), Fuuma explains "When someone dies, someone else has to cry. That's why... no one should take a life."

I think Sute was right when she speculated that the answer he was trying to get at was "the happiness of the ones you love," that's what's most important. The only thing I'm not sure of is whether Kamui thinks his death will make Fuuma happy or... if the implication is that Kamui's wish to get Fuuma back is not what will make Fuuma happy and therefore he has "lost sight of what's most important."

Reasons against it:
1. If Kamui wanted to die, why hasn't Fuuma simply killed him? Or maybe at that point Fuuma was still unsure of how to deal with Kamui's Wish because Kamui is the only one who can fulfill 'his' Wish (Bk. 18, pg. 125, viz, "Only Kamui can make my wish come true."). After all, in a conversation with Subaru (Bk. 17, ch. 9, pg. 11, mangafox), Fuuma expresses uncertainty when he says "Maybe I... will do the same thing..." But then, this is also one of the scenes that makes me wonder if it isn't 'Fuuma' who wants to die...

Reasons for Fuuma's Wish:
1. In the lead-up to this scene, there's a picture of Subaru killing Seishirou, and when Fuuma said "Maybe I... will do the same thing," I wasn't sure if he meant he intends to kill Kamui like Su killed Sei or to make Kamui kill him like Sei did to Su.

2. The other scene that makes me wonder if Fuuma wants to die is the infamous "Shall I rip it out and eat it for you?" scene (Bk. 13, ch. 2, pg. 29, mangafox). Prior to this part, Kamui attempts to kill Fuuma and fails miserably... and Fuuma just stands there while Kamui attacks him, 'letting' Kamui's hand almost go through his heart. When Kamui fails, he berates Kamui on 'This is where the heart is.'

3. Last reason I think Fuuma wants to die... (Bk. 18, pg. 128, viz) Kakyou says "To win... Kamui, the Dragon of Heaven, must realize the Wish of Kamui, the Dragon of Earth." Otherwise... there's an image of Fuuma holding a dead Kamui. Doesn't it just make sense that if Fuuma's wish was to die, that would just line up perfectly with Kamui winning?

Reasons against it:
1. If Fuuma really means what he says about the happiness of those you care about being most important, then wouldn't his dying make Kamui unhappy?

And with that... my brain is fried from thinking in circles. @_@ But that's the huge conversation that took place before the creation of "Into the Woods" and ultimately the concept it's based on. I don't know if it's right, but it made sense to me. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Reasons for it? Reasons against it? Other ideas?
i noticed they show the campus of clamp academy in its pentagram shape in the very first volume of clamp campus, and it got me thinking: did the mangakas have plans for X/1999 all the way back when they started clamp campus detectives?  or was it merely a fluke that the campus shape played an important role in X/1999?  anyone know? or have any ideas?
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While writing fanfiction, I keep coming across things I don't know for sure, and finally after pulling most of my hair out, I realized it might be better to just 'ask' someone... ^_^

1. Regarding maboroshies: Fuuma runs right into one no problem in X... but can he walk out again? And can Dragons tell when one of the Kamuis enters a kekkai or a maboroshi? I mean, I seem to recall that they can sense them coming, but is it just that, or can they literally tell when the kekkai or maboroshi is breached--the moment one crosses the edge of the barrier? Would it be possible for one of the Kamuis to enter and leave a kekkai or maboroshi without the owner knowing? This is important. I’m horribly afraid it’s going to turn out not the way I want, and I’ll end up having to break canon, but I want to stick to it as much as possible. *sweat*

2. Has there ever been any indication that the Kamui of the DoE can see/hear/communicate with spirits? If not, what's your opinion? Is it possible? 

3. Has the Kamui of the DoE every displayed any 'unique' behavior? (ie: anything that could NOT be viewed as fulfilling a Wish?)

4. Onmyoujutsu... Is it something that can be learned, or must one already have some sort of innate ability in it? To what extent can people who are NOT Onmyoujis tamper with/use spells?

P.S.: Sorry for all the questions. ^^;; *feels sort of dumb*

09 February 2009 @ 02:29 pm

X is my first true foray into CLAMP, so I didn't realize until some time after starting that CLAMP imported characters from earlier works like Tokyo Babylon and Clamp School Detectives to round out the cast.  Of particular interest to me is everyone's favorite one-eyed assassin, Seishiro Sakurazuka. 

After asking around a bit, a friend of mine who happens to be a long-time CLAMP fan explained that the Sakurazukamori is essentially an agent of the status quo of Japan.  The Sakurazukamori's job is to cut down potential threats before they have a chance to bloom into a bona fide menace.  I figured that made a fair amount of sense, until I started thinking about Seishiro's second job as a Dragon of Earth.  Fuuma prattles on about the need for a revolution, which seems to cut quite sharply against the Sakurazukamori's mission statement. 

Seishiro only seems to be in the fight because of his Subaru fixation, but he's still furthering the goals of the Dragon of Earth.  Is there something more to the Sakurazukamori than I've been told or does Seishiro just not care about the conflict of interest so long as he's amused?  Admittedly, I've not read Tokyo Babylon, so there's heaps and heaps of information I'm bound to be missing.  Whatever the case, might anyone be in the know as to why Seishiro goes about contradicting his own title so flagrantly? 
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26 November 2008 @ 11:49 am
I'm trying to remember how the Tsubasa characters feel about the weather. Okay, that sounds silly. I just think that at some point, either Kurogane or Fai complains about the cold, and I sort of need to know who for something I'm writing. It doesn't make much sense in my mind that Fai would complain about the weather, given his gigantic coat, but I almost think it was him.

Anyone have any ideas, or am I just going crazy?